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Nextpoint is a privately held Chicago based technology company that develops and supports a cloud-based, software as a service, multi-tenant platform enabling corporations, governments and law firms to address the challenges of electronically stored information. Specific areas of expertise are in cloud and social media collections, electronic evidence management and electronic discovery. The company was founded in 2001.

Technology products[edit]

The company offers a software-as-a-service, cloud computing platform for use in electronic discovery and evidence management.

Nextpoint provides powerful, on-demand evidence management— from collection, through discovery, and into trial with just one login, and is designed to sync with the way legal teams work – from partners to paralegals – for any size firm or any size matter.

Nextpoint's evidence management features include: •CollectAnalyzeReviewExchangePrep

The company is notable for its simplified pricing models, month-to-month contracts, and the elimination of fees for image processing, upload, and TIF generation.[1] Nextpoint allows for exports and imports from most existing litigation software platforms including Summation, Concordance, Live Note, and Trial Director.


The company provides a range of technology, creative and project management services that support each phase of litigation from discovery through verdict. These services allow customers to self-select the amount of support they require on an individual matter. The company is known for regular retentions in high-exposure, high profile litigation and has built a reputation as one of the leading trial support companies in the nation. Services include creative consulting, animation development, informational design, on-site warroom support, and in-court presentation support[citation needed].

The company also is a recognized leader in the development of *Demonstrative evidence and presentation support[citation needed].

Intellectual Property and Technology Innovation[edit]

The company develops its own products and owns the underlying code. Research and Development for Nextpoint is based out of the Nextpoint Technology Lab based in Madison, WI. The company actively uses and/or contributes to a number of open source platforms including: Ruby, Rails, Mongrel, Capistrano, Merb and MySQL. The company has filed for patents on a number of components of its products. The company’s innovative use of Ajax has been featured numerous times on[2][3]

Thought Leadership[edit]

Nextpoint’s senior management appears frequently at seminars and leading litigation technology industry groups. The company supports a number of blogs detailing its philosophy and upcoming development in their product lines including:

  • Company Blog – general discussion on litigation technology
  • The Lab Blog – written from the Nextpoint Technology Lab

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