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NexusDB logo.png
Developer(s) NexusDB Pty Ltd
Stable release 3.12.04 / 3 November 2013
Written in Delphi, C++ Builder, C#
Operating system Windows
License Commercial

NexusDB is a relational commercial database engine for the Delphi, C++ Builder and .NET programming languages created by NexusDB Pty Ltd. It was developed as a successor to the TurboPower FlashFiler system for Delphi (still available for free download as of 2011).[1] The database engine supports the SQL:2003 standard alongside Core SQL functionality as well as direct cursor based data access.

NexusDB also provides database connectors for easy access from various development and application environments:

  • ADO.NET Provider
  • ODBC/CLI Driver
  • PHP Connector

A completely free, unrestricted Embedded Edition [2] is available from the website. The website also has a Client/Server trial edition [3] and an online manual [4]

An SQL based third party database development tool Database Workbench is available from Upscene Productions.[5]


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