Neznámy pár

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"Neznámy pár"
A screenshot of TV show Abeceda by ČST
song by Marika Gombitová and Karel Gott from the album Ateliér duše
Released 1987 (1987)
Genre Pop music
Language Slovak
Length 04:10
Label OPUS
Writer Marika Gombitová
Kamil Peteraj

Peter Smolinský

Music sample
Music video
"Neznámy pár" on YouTube

Neznámy pár (English: An Unknown Couple) is a duet by Marika Gombitová and Karel Gott released on OPUS in 1987.[1]

The composition wrote Gombitová herself upon a request from František Polák, editor of the pre-filmed live show called Abeceda, created by ČST.[2] Lyrics provided Kamil Peteraj, and the composition was presented on television on November 1, 1987. During the night show, both artists sung also "Hrajme píseň"), a trio recorded in collaboration with Czech actor Josef Laufer.[3]

The duet itself was officially released on Gombitová's studio album entitled Ateliér duše (1987), and received a nomination for Zlatá nota, awarded by publicists of the Melodie magazine.[4]

Later on, "Neznámy pár" was issued on Gott's compilation Zůstanu svůj: Hity z 80. let, which charted at number #9 on the Czech Top 50 albums chart in 2008.[5]

Official versions[edit]

  1. "Neznámy pár" - Studio version, 1987

Credits and personnel[edit]

  • Marika Gombitová - lead vocal, writer
  • Karel Gott - lead vocal
  • Vašo Patejdl - piano, keyboards, LinnDrum computer, chorus
  • Kamil Peteraj - lyrics
  • Juraj Burian - electric and acoustic guitar
  • Andrej Šeban - electric guitar
  • Michal Důžek - chorus
  • Peter Penthor - chorus
  • Trend band - chorus
  • Štefan Danko - responsible editor
  • Peter Smolinský - producer
  • Juraj Filo - sound director
  • Jozef Krajčovič - sound director
  • Ivan Minárik - technical coordination



Melodie was a modern music magazine (similarly to American Billboard) established in 1963 as a monthly periodical in Czechoslovakia. For the time of being, a bi-weekly rival entitled as Aktuality Melodie (also known as Áčko) was effective (1969–70). The magazine itself survived almost three decades, ceasing its operations in 1991.[6] Apart from winning the Tip Melodie award as the Best Female Singer (1979), Gombitová and Gott scored with the 87's duet at number #7 (respectively at #8)A as Best Performer.[7]

Year Nominated work Category Result
1987 "Neznámy pár" Best Performer #7A

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