Ngathrek Golop Lhakpa

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Ngathrek Golop Lhakpa
Ngathrek Golop Lhakpa (Thimphu).jpg
Type Spun sugar
Place of origin Bhutan
Region or state Thimphu District
Main ingredients Sugar, Butter tea, Chilli pepper
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Ngathrek Golop Lhakpa (Dzongkha: བློདདབྲོ་ཙུག་སྒྲ་ལྷ་སྣང་དང་) is a common staple dessert dish in Bhutanese cuisine, recognized as a regional dish in most western Dzongkhags (districts) of Bhutan. [1] The dish itself is very similar to spun sugar, with butter tea and a very small quantity of flaked dry chilli pepper. Ngathrek Golop Lhakpa is generally enjoyed after the main evening meal, and on public holidays. [2]

The exact origins of these dish are unclear, but it has been documented that Chinese tradesmen from Qing Dynasty visited the Punakha Dzong in the early 1700s and brought with them foodstuffs and other craftwork for the Imperial Court. [3] Similar to Dragon's beard candy, it is thought that the recipe derives from this ancient Chinese confection. Butter tea and chilli peppers are very common staples in Bhutanese cuisine and it has been referenced that these ingredients were supplemented to the original recipe to add local character to the dish. [4]

Ngathrek Golop Lhakpa is often served on its own, or sparingly served with berries and apples as an accompaniment. Yogurt made from yak milk (Dzoshanglia) is a common side dish that can be eaten with this dessert. [5]


Further reading[edit]

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