Ngawi, New Zealand

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Ngawi Fishing Village
Ngawi Fishing Village
Ngawi is located in North Island
Coordinates: 41°35′15.34″S 175°14′5.08″E / 41.5875944°S 175.2347444°E / -41.5875944; 175.2347444
Country  New Zealand
Region Wellington
Territorial authority South Wairarapa District
Ward Ngawi
Time zone NZST (UTC+12)
 • Summer (DST) NZDT (UTC+13)
Area code(s) 06

Ngawi (pronounced Nar wee) is a small fishing / holiday town within five kilometers of Cape Palliser, the southernmost point of New Zealand's North Island. The town is made up of mainly small wooden houses, which are often called baches.

Ngawi has one claim to fame - more bulldozers per head of population than anywhere else.[citation needed] The bulldozers are used to haul the fishing boats into and out of the water as there is no wharf or other access to the ocean other than the beach, which can be notoriously rough at times.[1]

The location is also famous for a large population of fur seals and sea lions, and is popular not just with commercial fisherman but also with recreational fishermen. The best fish to catch are Paua (a type of abalone which is prized for its iridescent shell as well as the flesh), crayfish (also known as rock lobster), and cod. The place is popular with all type of fishermen including spear fishing.

Ngawi is also known for its "exposed" climate, relating to the intense and prolonged wind and the fact that there are almost no trees on this isolated coast. A number of ships that have become victim to this notorious coast. However, the weather can also become extremely hot in summer.


Panoramic View of Ngawi and Palliser Bay

In September 2006, 2 young burglars (aged 19 and 15) were chased by Ngawi residents in a car after being disturbed while burgling a local bach. The same youths had ransacked baches the week prior and stolen two vehicles, and had not been caught by Police, who are based 90 minutes away, despite prior convictions.[2] Shots were fired at the tyres to try to stop the youths' car. The burglars eventually turned their stolen car around and returned to the house where the 3rd burglar (also aged 19) was still located. The youths then all fled on foot and were eventually found hiding on a hillside by police after having been pelted with rocks by the local residents.

The two 19-year-old burglars, Joshua Diamond and Owen Guthrie, pleaded guilty to their burglary charges and were convicted, with prison terms. They had skipped bail while awaiting trial.[3] The 15-year-old burglar, whose name was suppressed, was dealt with in the Youth Court.Court for 'protecting' town from 'scumbags'

Local charter fisherman, Garth Gadsby, 61, a volunteer fireman and search and rescue volunteer, pleaded not guilty to charges of recklessly discharging a firearm, but was found guilty and fined $3000 - and had his shotgun confiscated.[4] Supporters in Ngawi had donated more than $12000 towards his defence.[5] Garth McVicar of the Sensible Sentencing Trust described the conviction as an example of a criminal friendly mentality protecting criminals over a community-minded citizen.[6]

Film Location[edit]

In May 2006, filmmaker Peter Salmon, in association with Maxim Films and the New Zealand Film Commission shot a short film, 'Fog' on location in Ngawi. Salmon was drawn to the area's unique landscape and isolated feel. 'Fog' premiered at Critic's Week at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007. It stars Joe Dekkers-Reihana, Chelsie Crayford Preston, Jim Moriarty and Tina Cook.

Coordinates: 41°35′15″S 175°14′05″E / 41.587595°S 175.234745°E / -41.587595; 175.234745