Nghệ An Province

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Nghệ An Province
Tỉnh Nghệ An
Location of Nghệ An within Vietnam
Location of Nghệ An within Vietnam
Coordinates: 19°20′N 104°50′E / 19.333°N 104.833°E / 19.333; 104.833Coordinates: 19°20′N 104°50′E / 19.333°N 104.833°E / 19.333; 104.833
Country  Vietnam
Region North Central Coast
Capital Vinh
 • People's Council Chair Trần Hồng Châu
 • People's Committee Chair Hồ Đức Phước
 • Total 16,487 km2 (6,366 sq mi)
Population (2004)
 • Total 3,003,200
 • Density 180/km2 (470/sq mi)
 • Ethnicities Vietnamese, Khơ Mú, Thai, Thổ, H'Mông
Time zone ICT (UTC+7)
Calling code 38
ISO 3166 code VN-22
Website Nghệ An

Nghệ An (About this sound listen) is a province in the North Central Coast region of Vietnam. It is Vietnam's largest province by area.


Nghệ An () and Thanh Hoá were the base of "Thanh-Nghệ" (from the name of the two provinces) former Lê Dynasty loyalist opposition to the new Mạc dynasty in the 1530s.[1]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The province is divided into one city (Vinh), two towns (Cửa Lò and Thái Hòa), and 17 districts. The province contains 437 communes, the highest in any province in Vietnam.



There are two universities in Nghệ An, both of them are in Vinh city which is the capital of Nghệ An province. The biggest one is Vinh University.

Notable inhabitants[edit]

Nghệ An is the home province of Phan Bội Châu and Ho Chi Minh.

Ethnic groups[edit]

In addition to the majority Vietnamese people, some Ơ Đu people also live here.


The province's name derives from Sino-Vietnamese , meaning "governance in peace."


  1. ^ Anh Tuấan HoÁng - Silk for Silver: Dutch-Vietnamese Relations, 1637-1700 2007 19 "Shortly after the Mạc usurpation, in 1532, Thanh-Nghệ loyalists began a movement to restore the Lê dynasty, using Thanh Hoá and Nghệ An provinces as a base from which to rival the Mạc in Đông Kinh."

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