Ngombe language (Central African Republic)

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Not to be confused with Ngombe language (Congo).
Native to Central African Republic
Native speakers
1,500  (1996)[1]
Unclear: either Baka in Ubangian or Bangandu in Gbaya
  • Ngombe
Language codes
ISO 639-3 nmj
Glottolog ngom1265[2]

Ngombe (called also Ba(n)gando-Ngombe, Ngombe-Kaka) is a language spoken by a thousand or so people, mostly adults, clustered around the Mambéré-Kadéï Prefecture in the Central African Republic on the Cameroonian border.


The classification of Ngombe is unclear. Bouquiaux & Thomas (1980)[3] classify it as one of the Baka languages of the Ubangian family, whereas Barreteau & Moñino (1978)[4] classify it as a dialect of Bangandu in the Gbaya family. Either proposal would be easy to confirm with even a small amount of data.


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