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Nguyễn Lữ (chữ Hán: 阮侶; 1754-1787) also called Nguyễn Văn Lữ (chữ Hán: 阮文侶) was youngest of the three Tây Sơn brothers who formed Vietnam's short-lived Tây Sơn Dynasty. His older brothers were Emperor Thái Đức, common name Nguyễn Nhạc and Emperor Quang Trung, common name Nguyễn Huệ.[1] After defeating the Nguyễn Lords and seizing Saigon in 1783 Nguyễn Lữ became king of the South, while Nguyễn Nhạc was crowned king of central Vietnam.[2]

References and notes[edit]

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  2. ^ Lonely Planet Vietnam - Nick Ray, Yu-Mei Balasingamchow 2010 Page 32 "In 1783 they captured Saigon and the South from the Nguyen Lords, killing the reigning prince and his family. Nguyen Lu became king of the South, while Nguyen Nhac was crowned king of central Vietnam. Continuing their conquests, the Tay Son"