Nguyễn Văn Tâm

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Nguyễn Văn Tâm in 1953.

Nguyễn Văn Tâm (1893[1] – 23 November 1990 [2]) served as Minister in the Nguyễn Dynasty. His son is General Nguyễn Văn Hinh, the Chief of Staff of the Vietnamese National Army. He was Prime Minister of the State of Vietnam from June 25, 1952, to December 16, 1953.[3][4]

He was nicknamed the Tiger of Cai Lậy for eliminating Communist resistance groups in the Cai Lậy region of the Mekong Delta.



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Preceded by
Trần Văn Hữu
Prime Minister of the State of Vietnam
Succeeded by
Prince Nguyễn Phúc Bửu Lộc