Niña de la Puebla

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Dolores Jiménez Alcántara (La Puebla de Cazalla, Seville, 28 July 1909 – 14 June 1999), known as "Niña de la Puebla "(in Spanish: "The girl from La Puebla"; La Puebla is her birthplace) was one of the greatest flamenco and Andalusian copla singers.

Jimenez was born on 28 July 1909, the daughter of a barber. An eye infection at a young age resulted in blindness.[1] At age 8 she moved with her family to Madrid and began music lessons and studied flamenco.

In 1931 Jimenez debuts in Seville. Her style was known as dulce, or sweet.[1] She married another singer in 1934, Lucas Soto Martin, and had five children, two of whom became flamenco professionals.


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