Ni contigo ni sin ti

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Ni contigo ni sin ti
Poster telenovela ni-contigo-ni-sin-ti-460x790.jpg
Genre Telenovela
Format Serial drama
Created by Martha Patricia López de Zatarain
Developed by Gabriela Ortigoza
Starring Eduardo Santamarina
Laura Carmine
Erick Elías
Alessandra Rosaldo
Opening theme "Ni contigo ni sin ti " by Pepe Aguilar
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 130 [1]
Executive producer(s) Martha Patricia López de Zatarain
Running time 42-45 minutes
Production company(s) Televisa
Distributor Televisa
Original channel Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format 1080i HDTV
480i SDTV
Original run February 28, 2011 – August 26, 2011
Preceded by Teresa
Followed by Amorcito Corazón
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Ni contigo... ni sin ti (With you, without you) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Martha Patricia López de Zatarain for Televisa. Laura Carmine and Eduardo Santamarina are the main protagonists.. Ni contigo ni sin ti won "best female revelation" at Premios TVyNovelas.[2][3]

Canal de las Estrellas aired the series from February 28[4] to August 26, 2011,[5] Univision aired 2 hours of Ni contigo ni sin ti from October 18 to October 28, 2011,[6] and then it aired in 1 hour from October 31, 2011 to April 6, 2012 at 2pm/1c. From September 18, 2013 to March 26, 2014, Univision broadcast reruns of Ni contigo ni sin ti every Tuesday to Saturday mornings at 1am/12c, replacing Zacatillo, un lugar en tu corazón. The final episode was broadcast on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 1am/12c, with Amorcito Corazón replacing it the following day.


Leo became blind because of an accident that occurred when he was 15 years old. His personality does not correspond to television stereotypes of disabled persons. On the contrary, Leo is optimistic and happy. Nicole moves into Leo's building after leaving her home town due to the destruction caused by a hurricane.

Leo works selling encyclopedias and teaching Braille at the local museum while Nicole studies design. They meet and fall in love. Nicole works in an exclusive boutique run by Eleonor. Eleonor has a daughter named Veronica. Besides having a complicated mother-daughter relationship, they share a secret. Julia also lives there and is constantly looking for job. Julia is about to marry Octavio, a wealthy, middle-aged man who gets everything his way. She is marrying him out of gratitude because he got her out of a strip club. She meets Iker, a good-looking young man. There is a misunderstanding between them and Iker feels rejected.

The story tells about other couples, rich and humble. Rich people have a nice house in a district of uptown. Humble people have jobs that provide basic support.


  • Eduardo Santamarina - Leonardo "Leo" Cornejo Fernández, blind resident, son of Clara, grandson of Doña Miranda, in love with Nicole, boyfriend of Isabella
  • Laura Carmine - Nicole Lorenti Tinoco de Cornejo, fashion designer of Eleonor Botique, daughter of Doña Caro and Gelasio, in love with Leo, married to Leo
  • Erick Elías - Iker Rivas Olmedo, son of Irene and Alejandro, brother of Isabella and Jose Carlos, in love with Julia, married to Fabiola
  • Alessandra Rosaldo - Julia Mistral de Rivas, in love with Iker
  • Sabine Moussier - Eleonor Cortazar Armenta de Torreslanda, head designer of Eleonor Botique, mother of Verónica, daughter of Doña Natalia
  • César Bono - Gelasio Lorenti, father of Nicole, Doña Caro's husband, dies from a heart attack.
  • María Marcela - Carola " Doña Caro" Tinoco vda. de Lorenti, mother of Nicole, Gelasio's wife
  • Andrea Torre - Fabiola Escalante, (main leading antagonist/ main villain), in love with Iker, dies from a stomach tumor.
  • Ximena Herrera - Isabella Rivas Olmedo Reyes, sister of Jose Carlos and Iker, daughter of Irene and Alejandro, in love with Leo
  • Luz María Jerez - Irene Olmedo de Rivas, mother of Iker, Jose Carlos and Isabella, Alejandro's wife
  • Gaston Tuset - Alejandro Rivas, father of Iker, Jose Carlos and Isabella, Irene's husband
  • Ricardo Franco - Jose Carlos Rivas, brother of Iker and Isabella, son of Irene and Alejandro, in love with Nicole and Verónica, ends up in prison for attempted rape of Nicole.
  • Luz María Aguilar - Doña Natalia Armenta de Cortázar, grandmother of Verónica, mother of Eleonor
  • Mauricio Mejía - Marco Rábago, brother of Salma
  • Brandon Peniche - Diego Torreslanda, son of Octavio
  • Otto Sirgo - Octavio Torreslanda, father of Diego, in love with Julia then with Eleonor
  • Sachi Tamashiro - Yolanda "Yola" Zorrilla
  • Jorge Ortín - Don Chuy Turrubiates
  • Sharis Cid - Salma Rábago, sister of Marco
  • Pepe Gamez - Alfonso "Poncho" Chamorro, son of Doña Adelita, brother of Cony
  • Amparo Garrido - Doña Adelita Chamorro, mother of Cony and Poncho
  • Lili Gorett - Verónica Galindo Cortazar, daughter of Eleonor, granddaughter of Doña Natalia, in love with Jose Carlos
  • Michelle Renaud - Concepción "Cony" Chamorro, daughter of Doña Adelita, sister of Poncho
  • Óscar Zamanillo - Bosco Rosado
  • Yousi Díaz - Flora Topete, mother of Tobi
  • René Mussi - Eduardo "Lalo" Garnica
  • Robin Vega - Tobias Marcelino "Tobi" Topete, son of Flora
  • Marifer Galindo - Laura
  • Maité Valverde - Mary
  • Graciela Döring - Doña Felipa, ends up in prison for providing a weapon to hurt Iker.
  • Iliana de la Garza - Cuca
  • Hanny Sáenz - Señorita Finolis
  • María Fernanda García - Señora Mondragón
  • David Rencoret
  • Roberto Miquel
  • Vicente Herrera
  • Juan Antonio Edwards - Juan
  • Fabián Lavalle - Agustín
  • Sarah Barlondo - Sara
  • Juan Carlos Nava "El Borrego" - Don Culebra
  • Claudia Silva - Gina
  • Beatriz Moreno - Clara Fernández De la Reguera vda. de Cornejo, mother of Leo, daughter of Doña Miranda, dies from a natural cause (offscrean).
  • José Elías Moreno - Doctor Estéban Lieja
  • Marco Muñoz - Arturo Aros
  • Beatriz Aguirre - Doña Miranda De la Reguera de Fernández, mother of Clara, grandmother of Leo
  • Kelchie Arizmendi - Tania "Consultora de belleza"
  • Luis Gatica - Abogado de Fabiola


TVyNovelas Awards 2012[edit]

Category Nominee Result
Best Co-star Actress Ximena Herrera Nominated
Best Young Lead Actor Brandon Peniche Nominated
Best Female Revelation Laura Carmine Won

International broadcasts[edit]

Country Network(s) Series premiere Series finale Title
 Mexico Canal de las Estrellas February 28, 2011 August 26, 2011 Ni contigo ni sin ti
 Peru America Television July 11, 2011 October 28, 2011 Ni contigo ni sin ti
 United States Univision October 18, 2011 April 6, 2012 Ni contigo ni sin ti


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