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The Niagara Regional Council is the governing body of the Regional Municipality of Niagara in Ontario, Canada.

The council consists of a regional chair, the mayors of all twelve Niagara Regional municipalities, and eighteen additional regional councillors elected to represent the various municipalities. Councillors are elected to four year terms, with the next election to be held in October 2014.

Unlike municipal councils within the Niagara Region, the regional chair is elected by regional council, and not directly by residents of the region. Any elector within the Niagara Region may be elected chair by council, although regional policy requires that the regional chair will be elected from among the 30 persons who have been elected to regional council in the just completed municipal elections. Once elected, the regional chair must resign her/his seat as a councillor representing a municipality. That municipality council then determines how the replacement councillor will be chosen.

Council members[edit]

Councillor Notes
Gary Burroughs Chair and CEO
Douglas Martin Mayor, Fort Erie
John Teal Councillor, Fort Erie
Bob Bently Mayor, Grimsby
Debbie Zimmerman Councillor, Grimsby
Bill Hodgson Mayor, Lincoln
Mark Bylsma Councillor, Lincoln
Jim Diodati Mayor, Niagara Falls
Barbara Greenwood Councillor, Niagara Falls
Bart Maves Councillor, Niagara Falls
Selina Volpatti Councillor, Niagara Falls
Dave Eke Lord Mayor, Niagara-on-the-Lake
Dave Epp Councillor, Niagara-on-the-Lake
Dave Augustyn Mayor, Pelham
Brian Baty Councillor, Pelham
Vance Badawey Mayor, Port Colborne
David Barrick Councillor, Port Colborne
Brian McMullan Mayor, St. Catharines
Alan Caslin Councillor, St. Catharines
Brian Heit Councillor, St. Catharines
Ronna Katzman Councillor, St. Catharines
Andy Petrowsky Councillor, St. Catharines
Tim Rigby Councillor, St. Catharines
Bruce Timms Councillor, St. Catharines
Ted Luciani Mayor, Thorold
Henry D'Angela Councillor, Thorold
April Jeffs Mayor, Wainfleet
Barry Sharpe Mayor, Welland
Daniel Fortier Councillor, Welland
George Marshall Councillor, Welland
Douglas Joyner Mayor, West Lincoln

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