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Niamtougou is located in Togo
Location in Togo
Coordinates: 9°46′N 1°06′E / 9.767°N 1.100°E / 9.767; 1.100Coordinates: 9°46′N 1°06′E / 9.767°N 1.100°E / 9.767; 1.100
Country Flag of Togo.svg Togo
Region Kara Region
Population (2005)[1]
 • Total 24,000

Niamtougou is a market town in Doufelgou District (Préfecture), Kara Region, Togo. It is located 28 km (17 mi) north of Kara on the nation's main North-South road, the Route Nationale No. 1. It is also the district capital and houses facilities of the Interior, Education, and Rural Development Ministries. There is a modest hospital and a small state hotel. The Niamtougou Market is second only to the Kétao Market in its importance in the Kara Region. While "market day" is weekly on Sunday, there is significant daily activity.


Niamtougou is composed of six villages that are in close proximity to each other: Niamtougou, Koka, Baga, Ténéga, Yaka, and Agbandé. Niamtougou, Koka, Baga, and Ténéga are composed principally of speakers of Nawdm (Losso) while Yaka and Agbandé are composed of Lamba-speakers. The marketplace is located in Niamtougou. The district's administrative offices, including the office and residence of the District Governor (Préfet), are located in Koka.

Niamtougou International Airport - Togo's second largest airport after the Tokoin International Airport in Lomé - is located in Baga, 4 km (2.5 mi) north of Niamtougou center.


There are numerous public elementary schools and a secondary school (lycée). In addition, there is a Roman Catholic mission elementary school and a large Roman Catholic church. Most of Niamtougou's Christian population is Roman Catholic. There is a mosque (masjid) in the center of Niamtougou across from the market. Most Muslims in Niamtougou are merchants or civil servants who are not originally from the area.

Secondary roads leaving Niamtougou connect to the agricultural communities of Siou, Pouda, Massadéna, and Tchitchirra and the crossroads market town of Kouméa.


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