Nice Price

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Nice Price
Studio album by Saint Etienne
Released March 28, 2006
Recorded 1990 - 2004
Genre Alternative rock
Length 77:01
Label Foreign Office - 001
Saint Etienne chronology
Tales from Turnpike House
Nice Price
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Nice Price is a fan club only release by Saint Etienne. It covers the band's entire recording history and contains demo, alternative and remixed versions of previously released tracks.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Nothing Can Stop Us (Alternative Vocal)"   Stanley, Wiggs 4:04
2. "7 Ways 2 Love (Sarah Vocal, Original White Label)"   Jessie Chin 6:50
3. "Who Do You Think You Are (Original Mix, Debsey Vocal)"   Dyer, Scott 5:16
4. "Hobart Paving (Alternative Single Mix)"   Stanley, Wiggs 4:59
5. "Like a Motorway (Demo)"   Stanley, Wiggs 5:27
6. "Former Lover (Single Mix)"   Stanley, Wiggs 3:37
7. "Western Wind (Demo)"   Traditional, arranged by Stanley, Wiggs 3:54
8. "Angel (Original Mix)"   Stanley, Wiggs 7:17
9. "Burnt Out Car (Original Mix)"   Stanley, Wiggs 2:55
10. "Sylvie (Alternative Single Mix)"   Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs 4:49
11. "Madeleine (Alternative Mix)"   Cracknell, Wiggs 4:10
12. "Lose That Girl (Demo)" (Working title: "Jazz Odyssey") Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs 4:03
13. "Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi) (Demo)"   Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs 4:03
14. "How We Used To Live (Berlin Rough Mix)"   Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs 7:54
15. "Milk Bottle Symphony (Alternative Mix)"   Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs 4:19
16. "Goodnight (Demo)"   Cracknell, Stanley, Wiggs 2:28