Nicholas Ciotti

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Nicholas J. Ciotti
Born June 15, 1944
Died March 28, 2003 (age 58)
Other names Buddy
Occupation President of All Games Amusement, OK Amusement, Universal Amusement, Chicago Outfit associate
Home town Melrose Park, Illinois, United States
Spouse(s) Dee Ciotti (died 1971), Diane Ciotti (?), Mary Nolan Ciotti (until his death)
Children Julie and Nick and Dean (from Dee), Jana Nolan (stepdaughter from Mary)

Nicholas J. "Buddy" Ciotti was a Chicago Outfit associate and poker machine kingpin. Ciotti was the owner of All Games Amusement Inc., which supplied illegal video gambling machines to several Chicago suburbs, including Stone Park, Northlake, Melrose Park, Franklin Park and River Grove.[1] In 2000 he pled guilty in federal court to gambling conspiracy and money laundering charges.[2] He was released from prison on August 2, 2002[3] and died several months later.


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