Nicholas de Aquila

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Nicholas de Aquila
Bishop of Chichester elect
See Diocese of Chichester
Appointed 1209
Quashed circa 1214
Predecessor Simon of Wells
Successor Richard Poore
Other posts Dean of Chichester
Personal details
Died after 26 May 1220
Denomination Catholic

Nicholas de Aquila (or Nicholas de l'Aigle or Gilbert de l'Aigle;[1] died after 1220) was a medieval Bishop of Chichester-elect.


Aquila was a canon lawyer and probably a member of the Laigle family.[2] He may be the master of the school at Avranches in 1198, but was Dean of Chichester before February 1201.[3] He was nominated as bishop in 1209, but was never consecrated. His election was quashed about 1214.[4] He was named Dean of Avranches by 1211 and died sometime after 26 May 1220.[3]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Simon of Wells
Bishop of Chichester
election quashed

Succeeded by
Richard Poore