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Nicholas J. (Nick) Coleman (born June 26, 1950 in Saint Paul, Minnesota) is a blogger and former Minnesota journalist and columnist for the Star Tribune, the daily newspaper published in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Coleman had two stints at the Star Tribune, having begun his career there in 1973 before becoming a news columnist at the St. Paul Pioneer Press in 1986. He returned to the Star Tribune in 2003 as a Metro News columnist, staying until 2009.

In his 35-year newspaper career, Coleman reported on Minneapolis city government, business, out-of-state issues, media, and general news. He has had published more than 3,000 newspaper columns and 300 television commentaries. Politics, Native American issues and the Northern Ireland peace process are his favored themes. He has also hosted two radio talk shows.[1]

While noted as a prolific regional journalist, Coleman is probably as well known for his difficult personality. He has engaged in rhetorical feuds with other Twin Cities writers and bloggers, and others who publicly critique his work. In 2004 Coleman criticized the role of local Power Line bloggers in the Dan Rather/Killian documents controversy. An exchange ensued for some weeks in local print and on the internet. The spats he initiated with local writer Steve Marsh and New York University Professor Jay Rosen spilled out onto the internet as well. In 2005 he was briefly a morning host at Air America Radio’s affiliate in the Twin Cities. His engagement at Air America ended after a feud with management, with Coleman unsatisfied with the centrist positioning of the station by its owner, Janet Roberts.

Coleman is the eldest child of the late Nicholas D. (Nick) Coleman, who served as majority leader of the Minnesota Senate from 1973 to 1981, and Bridget Finnegan. He is also the oldest brother and godfather of Mayor Chris Coleman of St. Paul and was the stepson of Deborah Howell, ombudsman for the Washington Post. Howell was editor of the Pioneer Press when Coleman was hired there in 1986.

Coleman was educated in Catholic schools in St. Paul, and at the University of Minnesota, where he was editor-in-chief of the student newspaper, The Minnesota Daily. Coleman is six feet tall, has a concealed handgun carry permit. Coleman is married (having divorced once) with three children from his second marriage.


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