Nick Jonas 2011 Tour

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Nick Jonas 2011 Tour
NickJonas 2011Tour.jpg
Official poster
Tour by Nick Jonas and the Administration
Associated album Who I Am
Start date September 21, 2011
End date October 8, 2011
Legs 1
Shows 11
Nick Jonas and the Administration concert chronology
Who I Am Tour
Nick Jonas 2011 Tour

The Nick Jonas 2011 Tour was the second concert tour for American pop singer, songwriter Nick Jonas along with his band, The Administration to support their debut album Who I Am. The tour took place in South America. This is his second tour as a solo artist, without his brothers Joe and Kevin: the Jonas Brothers. The tour kicked off on September 21 in Brazil[1] and concluded on October 8, 2011.

On July 12, Nick announced through Facebook the South America shows[2] and two days later he announced the Chile concert date for October 4.[3][4] On July 21 a concert was announced for Paraguay[5][6] and the next day, a second concert date for Argentina.[7]

On August 2, Jonas confirmed five concerts in Brazil and one in Venezuela.[8][9] Three days later, an announcement from Nick through Facebook was made for the Uruguay concert.[2] Nick announced on September 3, 2011 through Twitter that Ocean Grove will be go on tour with them.[10][11] On September 6, a concert in Puerto Rico was announced, making his solo debut on the Island. He has performed before in Puerto Rico alongside his brothers three times.[12]

On September 21, the first day of the tour, it was announced that Jonas' last concert date of the tour (San Juan, Puerto Rico on October 11) was cancelled. The producer of the Puerto Rico date, César Sainz, confirmed the information the same day. According to Nick, the last show the tour conflicted with the start of his training for the role of J. Pierrepont Finch, which will replace Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe and Glee's Darren Criss, in the revival of Broadway's How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying will take place in Los Angeles starting on October 10.[13] On September 23, just three days later after the announcement, the news was confirmed via Nick Jonas' website.[14] The day after, Nick Jonas himself apologized for the cancellation of the show via Twitter.[15]

Opening Act[edit]


Additional Notes[edit]

  • The October 11 show, scheduled for San Juan, Puerto Rico, was cancelled on the first day of the tour. It was not rescheduled.[13][14]
  • During the concerts, Ocean Grove joined Nick on stage during "Still In Love With You"/"BB Good".
  • During the concert in São Paulo, Frankie Jonas joined Nick on stage.[16]
  • Nick didn't perform the new song "Collide" and "Fly With Me" during the concert in Rio de Janeiro; he played "In The End" and "Olive & An Arrow" instead.[17]
  • Nick performed "Vesper's Goodbye" in Belo Horizonte instead of "Collide" and "Someone Like You" (Adele cover) was added to the medley.[18][19]
  • During the concert in Curitiba, Frankie came on stage and Nick sang with the audience "Happy Birthday" to him. Also, Nick performed a new song called "With You" after "Introducing Me".[20]
  • "Just In Love", "Fly With Me" and "With You" weren't performed in Porto Alegre.[21]
  • In Asunción, Nick added "The Edge Of Glory" (Lady Gaga cover) and "When You Look Me In The Eyes" to the setlist. "Just In Love" (Joe Jonas cover) wasn't performed that evening.[22]
  • In Buenos Aires, "Just In Love" was performed again.[23]
  • In Córdoba, "In The End" was performed again, while "Someone Like You" (Adele Cover) and "I Saw Her Standing There" (The Beatles cover) weren't performed during the concert [24]
  • In Santiago, Nick added new songs to the setlist: "Bring Him Home" (Les Misérables cover), "Teenage Dream" (Katy Perry cover), "Play My Music" (Camp Rock cover), "Pushing Me Away", "Turn Right" and "Your Biggest Fan" (Jonas L.A. cover), "Edge Of Glory" (Lady Gaga cover), "Someone Like You" (Adele cover), "I Saw Her Standing There" (The Beatles cover) and "Fly With Me". "In The End" and "Still In Love With You" were not performed.[25][26]
  • "Paranoid", "Poison Ivy", "Just Friends", "Hollywood", "Goodnight & Goodbye" and "L.A. Baby (Where Dreams Are Made Of)" were added to the medley in the Montevideo setlist; "Teenage Dream" (Katy Perry cover) and "Edge Of Glory" (Lady Gaga cover) were removed from the setlist that evening.[38][39][41][40]
  • "Much Better", "Hello Beautiful", "World War III", "Play My Music", "Just Friends", "When You Look Me In The Eyes", "Time For Me To Fly", "Still In Love With You" were added to the Caracas setlist.

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
South America
September 21, 2011 São Paulo Brazil[8] Via Funchal[43]
September 22, 2011 Rio de Janeiro Vivo Rio
September 23, 2011 Belo Horizonte Chevrolet Hall
September 25, 2011 Curitiba Theatro Positivo
September 27, 2011 Porto Alegre Pepsi On Stage
September 29, 2011 Asunción Paraguay Jockey Club Paraguayo[6]
October 1, 2011 Buenos Aires Argentina Estadio G.E.B.A.[44]
October 2, 2011 Córdoba Orfeo Superdomo[45]
October 4, 2011 Santiago Chile Movistar Arena[3]
October 6, 2011 Montevideo Uruguay[2] Velódromo Municipal[46]
October 8, 2011 Caracas Venezuela Terraza del C.C.C.T. [9]
Cancellations and rescheduled shows
October 11, 2011 San Juan, Puerto Rico Coliseo de Puerto Rico, José Miguel Agrelot Cancelled [47][13][14]

Web Series[edit]

On December 13, 2011, a video of Nick performing "Last Time Around" was posted online as part of a new internet series Fandrop. The video shows some lucky fans watching Nick Jonas & the Administration rehearse for the Nick Jonas 2011 Tour.[48][49] On December 14 a teaser for the next episode went online, showing Nick talking about "Conspiracy Theory". The second episode premiered on December 15, 2011[50]

On December 15 the second episode went online it shows the performance of "Conspiracy Theory" by Nick Jonas & the Administration.[51][52] On December 16 a teaser for the next episode went online, showing Nick playing the intro of "Who I Am". This episode premiered on December 20, 2011[53] On December 20, the episode was online, it shows Nick performing "Who I Am".[54][55] Alongside a teaser for epidode 4 went online, showing Nick warming up his vocals for the last episode; which aired on December 22, 2011.[56][57][54] On December 22, the last episode aired, showing Nick Jonas & the Administration performing their version of the Jonas Brothers song "Inseparable".[58][59]


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