Love and Radio

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Love and Radio
Genre Short stories/collage
Running time ca. 30 mins.
Country  United States
Creator(s) Nick van der Kolk
Air dates since October 18, 2005
Podcast Podcast

Love and Radio is an American audio podcast directed by Nick van der Kolk, with sound design by Brendan Baker. Each episode of Love and Radio consists of a mixture of fact and fiction, presented in a series of interviews and stories related to a theme.[1]

Past themes have included guns, ghosts, secrets, fights, and online dating. Love and Radio is sometimes compared to the show This American Life,[1] but employs a looser, more free-form editing style and does not have a regular host. Its creators claim that (as of May, 2006) it is the only listing in the NPR podcast directory with an "explicit" tag.[2]

Episodes of Love and Radio have aired on WGBH,[3] KUOW-FM,[4] Oregon Public Broadcasting,[3] and Connecticut Public Radio,[5] as well as other American public radio stations. The show was sponsored by National Public Radio as part of the alt.NPR podcast series until alt.NPR was discontinued in 2009.[6] Presently, Love and Radio is distributed as a podcast via

On October 23, 2011, van der Kolk and Baker (along with Nick Williams) were awarded the Gold prize for best documentary by the Third Coast International Audio Festival.[7] The award was for the Love and Radio episode The Wisdom of Jay Thunderbolt which revolves around an interview with a stay-at-home strip club manager.[8] Roman Mars, one of the Third Coast judges, described the piece as "beautifully constructed and composed in ways that are subtle and unique.”[7] The show also won a Third Coast Award in 2013 for the episode Jack and Ellen.

In 2012 van der Kolk was named a Fellow of United States Artists. [9]


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