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Nickelodeon, a network that was originally established as a cable channel in the United States, has expanded to include worldwide versions.

Current channels[edit]



Asia and Australia[edit]

Africa and the Middle East[edit]

Former channels[edit]

  • Nicktoons France – program block on Canal J, Closed November 1, 2005.
  • Nick Gas – American digital cable and satellite channel, closed December 31, 2007 on digital cable and DirecTV and April 23, 2009 on Dish Network (replaced by Cartoon Network (west), (replaced by then The N, now TeenNick.
  • Noggin – American digital cable and satellite channel, closed September 28, 2009 (renamed Nick Jr.)
  • The N – American digital cable and satellite channel, closed September 28, 2009 (renamed TeenNick).
  • Nicktoonsters – British spinoff of the U.K. version of Nicktoons, closed July 31, 2009 (replaced by a 1-hour delayed timeshift feed of the main Nicktoons channel).

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