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Nicky Boom
Publisher(s) Microïds
Designer(s) Alain Lambin
Dominico Manfredi
Platform(s) Amiga, Atari ST, MS-DOS, Windows, Mac OS X, mobile phones
Release date(s) 1992
1993 (Nicky 2)
Genre(s) Side-scrolling platform game
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Floppy disk

Nicky Boum (more commonly known as Nicky Boom) is a side-scrolling platform game originally released for the Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and MS-DOS by Microïds in 1992. The game began a second life in 2008, with a remake for smartphones, which was made available for Windows computers late in 2008. It was also ported to the Tapwave Zodiac handheld in 2006.[1] The game is also available for Mac OS X on the Mac App Store.[2] Nicky Boom was followed by a sequel titled Nicky 2 in 1993. Its iPhone version was released as Nicky Boom 2 in 2009.


The player controls a little boy named Nicky. Nicky can walk, jump, and throw apple cores to defend himself. The player can pick up other items to throw at enemies, such as bouncy balls and logs that can be also used to build bridges at certain parts of the levels. Nicky is also able to jump on enemies to defeat them, which is often more difficult but lets the monsters drop point items to collect. The game consists of eight levels based on four separate themes, including swamp, forest and castle.[3] In the sequel, Nicky's main weapons are firecrackers and ultrasound whistles.[4] The sequel's stages include forest, jungle, volcano and clouds.[3]


The evil witch Zoldrane has kindapped Nicky's grandfather to force him to help her in making of a terrible spell. The little Nicky embarks on an adventure through a fantastical land to destroy Zoldrane and free his grandfather.[3] In the sequel, a mysterious evil force enchants the land. Nicky learns about a rumor that Zoldrane had an even more powerful sister, and so he goes to find out and defeat her too. To help him to face the new challenge, the boy is given a magical goose by his grandfather.[5]


Nicky Boom'received mixed reviews, including ratings of 50% from Amiga Power and 65% from CU Amiga.[3] A more positive review by Amiga Computing (82%) stated Nicky Boom "is unlikely to be remembered as an all-time Amiga great, but having said that, it does possess that certain addictiveness and fun quality that many games in that genre lack."[6] Nicky 2 also received mixed ratings, 67% from Amiga Computing, 72% from Amiga Format, 58% from CU Amiga, and D- from Amiga Game Zone.[5][7]


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