Nicola and Teena Collins

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Nicola & Teena Collins
Born Nicola & Teena Collins
c. 1978
London, England
Years active 2000 – present

Nicola and Teena Collins (identical twins, born c.1978) are British-born filmmakers currently living in Los Angeles. Formerly models then actresses, they are perhaps most well known for their portrayals of Alex and Susi, the twin daughters of Doug "The Head" Denovitz in the film Snatch.[1]

In 2009 they made their filmmaking debut with The End, a documentary featuring interviews with former East End gangsters, one of which is the twins' father Les Falco. The film was directed by Nicola, who also conducted the interviews. Teena was the film's producer.[2][3]

The twins' next film venture is Do As You Likey, a documentary about British gypsy culture.[4]

Acting filmography[edit]

Year Film Roles
2000 Snatch Alex & Susi
2006 Caffeine Tarty Girls #1 & #2
The Insect Chorus Juliette & Beatrice


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