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Nicole Formescu (Anderson) is a Romanian-born British singer-songwriter and flautist.


Formescu claims descent from an aristocratic family, von Furthmeyer of Bavaria.[citation needed] She started to sing and dance at the National Musical theatre "Operetta" in Bucharest from the age of three, becoming a child prodigy. Later on, she became a flautist, playing as a soloist with all of the major Philharmonic Orchestras from Romania. Some of her recordings became part of the Gold Musical Archives of her Country. She finished the Lyceum "George Enesco" and the Conservatoire "Ciprian Porumbesco" from Bucharest Romania.

She was granted political asylum in the United Kingdom in 1990. In 1991 she obtained her post graduate degree in music at the London College of Music (L.L.C.M) and a MENSA Certification.[citation needed]

Present career[edit]

Nicole now has a musical career, as a writer and solo artist. She claims she has sung for Stevie Wonder, wrote and sung a duet with Lee Ryan (member of boy band Blue) and released her first Album "Wiser" in 2008.[citation needed]

Aiyana-Lee Anderson

She also has a daughter, Aiyana-Lee, considered to be a child prodigy herself, having had the first Album "Who I Am" released at only 3 years old.[citation needed]

She claims that Aiyana-Lee's grandfather is Jimmy Ruffin ("What Becomes of the Broken Hearted"), and her great-uncle is David Ruffin, lead singer from the Motown band The Temptations.[1]

Nicole Formescu is also known for her charity work and legislative contribution in the Great Britain, having in 2006 helped change the Law regarding the child support rules.[1]


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