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Nicole Wong
Voa chinese Nicole Wong 2Mar10.jpg
Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the United States
Assumed office
May 2013
President Barack Obama

Nicole Wong has been Twitter's legal director since November 2012. In May 2013, she was selected by the Barack Obama administration to be the first White House chief privacy officer.[1] She earned the nickname "the Decider" while she was deputy general counsel at Google, where she was responsible for arbitrating issues of censorship for Google.[2][3][4]


Nicole Wong was responsible for Google’s product and regulatory matters. Prior to joining Google, Nicole was a partner at the law firm of Perkins Coie, LLP, where she represented traditional media and “new media” clients, including Hearst Corporation, McClatchy Company, the Los Angeles Times, Walt Disney Company, General Electric, Microsoft,, and Yahoo!. She is also a co-editor of the Electronic Media and Privacy Law Handbook (2003), a collaborative digital treatise maintained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and students at Boalt Hall School of Law.

Nicole has served on the governing committee of the ABA Communications Law Forum since 2001, and on the board of directors of the First Amendment Coalition since 2007. She previously served as a co-chair of the Practising Law Institute’s Internet Law Institute and as a member of the San Francisco Sunshine Task Force. She was one of the founders and the first editor-in-chief of the Asian Law Journal.

Nicole is a frequent speaker and author on issues related to law and technology, including four appearances before the U.S. Congress regarding Internet policy. At one hearing she stated, "First and foremost, the U.S. Government should promote Internet openness as a major plank for our foreign policy."[5] She also has taught media and Internet law courses as an adjunct professor at the University of California at Berkeley, Stanford University, and University of San Francisco. Nicole received her law degree and a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law and Graduate School of Journalism respectively.[citation needed]


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