Nicotiana × sanderae

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A red cultivar of Nicotiana × sanderae

Nicotiana × sanderae is a hybrid of the tobacco species Nicotiana alata and Nicotiana forgetiana.[1] It is the most common Nicotiana variety found and sold in the United Kingdom. N. × sanderae requires soft soil mixed with sand to thrive. The plant will grow to heights of 3 feet (0.91 m) and will give off a sweet scent in the evening, like most Nicotiana plants.[citation needed] N. × sanderae are not hardy against frost and will die if they come in contact with it. They withstand drought. Because of their size N. × sanderae are used as a house or garden plant.

An analytical study published in 1963 concluded that N. × sanderae leaves have a low nicotine concentration and a moderately low nornicotine concentration.[1]


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