Voras Mountains

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Voras Mountains
Chegan ot Kajmakchalan.jpg
Village of Agios Athanasios, near the Voras Mountains
Highest point
Peak Kaimakchalan
Elevation 2,524 m (8,281 ft)
Location in Greece
Countries Greece and Republic of Macedonia

The Voras Mountains (Greek: Όρος Βόρας; Turkish: Nice Dağı), also known as Nidže (Macedonian: About this sound Ниџе ) in Macedonian [1] is a mountain range in the Pella regional unit of Macedonia, Greece, situated in the north-west of the regional unit on the border with the Republic of Macedonia. The tallest peak in the range is Kaimakchalan at 2,524 m (8,281 ft). Adjacent peaks are Starkov grob (1,876 m) and Dobro pole (1,700 m).

The mountain range hosts a ski resort and the hot springs at Loutra Loutrakiou (Pozar).

The mountain can be reached from the town of Bitola and nearby villages.



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