Nie Yuanzi

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Nie.
This famous photo of Nie Yuanzi's poster helped spark the Cultural Revolution.

Nie Yuanzi (Chinese: 聂元梓; pinyin: Niè Yuánzǐ; born April 5, 1921) is a Chinese academic who taught philosophy at Peking University. She is primarily known for her May 25, 1966 "Big-character poster" criticizing Peking University for being controlled by the "bourgeoisie." This was a factor in the Cultural Revolution.[1] She initially supported the persecution of other academics, but in time soured on the results of the Cultural Revolution and tried to quit her position in the Red Guards. In 1968 she was detained and would remain in prison for 18 years. She is now critical of the Chinese regime and has expressed a desire for greater freedom of opinion.[2]