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Coordinates: 53°52′00″N 10°41′09″E / 53.86653°N 10.685698°E / 53.86653; 10.685698

GmbH & Co. KG
Industry Confectionery
Founded 1806
Founder Johann Georg Niederegger
Headquarters Lübeck, Germany
Key people
Holger Strait
Café Niederegger in central Lübeck with 200-year anniversary decoration
A selection of different marzipan products produced by Niederegger

J. G. Niederegger GmbH & Co. KG is a producer of marzipan and sweets. It is based in Lübeck, Germany.

Niederegger was founded by Johann Georg Niederegger on 1 March 1806 in Lübeck and is since known for their marzipan for about 200 years. The company is a family-owned limited private partnership.

Niederegger marzipan is classed as 100% marzipan and contains much less sugar in comparison to other marzipan makers.[citation needed]

In the town center of Lübeck, the always-crowded[citation needed] Café Niederegger offers a café, a shop for Niederegger sweets, and a marzipan museum on its upper floors.


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