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The Nietzsche Music Project (NMP) is a non-profit interdisciplinary arts organization created in 1990, which is influenced by the ideas of the 19th-century German philosopher, and whose purpose is to foster an enhanced understanding and appreciation, by the general public, of Nietzsche's work as constituted by his philosophical, poetical, and musical efforts. It has pursued a thorough study of Nietzsche's philosophical, poetic and musical works and, in 1992/93, produced with the aid of its members and associates (pianists, John Bell Young, Constance Keene, and Thomas Coote; violinist, Nick Eanet; and tenor, John Aler) two CDs of Nietzsche's musical compositions which were released by Newport Classic Recordings. A second two CD set of this music appeared in 2003, performed by pianists, Manolis Papasifakis and Thomas Coote; tenor, David Blackburn; and violinist, Christian Hebel.

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