Bad Nieuweschans

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Bad Nieuweschans
Bad Nieuweschans in 2005
Bad Nieuweschans in 2005
Bad Nieuweschans is located in Groningen (province)
Bad Nieuweschans
Bad Nieuweschans
Location of Bad Nieuweschans in the province of Groningen
Coordinates: 53°10′50″N 7°12′26″E / 53.18056°N 7.20722°E / 53.18056; 7.20722
Country Netherlands
Province Groningen
Municipality Oldambt
Population (1 januari 2004) 1,510

Bad Nieuweschans (Dutch pronunciation: [bɑt niuʋəsxɑns]) is a village with a population of 1,510 in the municipality of Oldambt in the Netherlands. It is located about 12 km east of Winschoten. In April 2009 the municipality of Reiderland changed the name from Nieuweschans, to promote the town as a spa. Close to the town is the easternmost point of the Netherlands.

Bad Nieuweschans is a small town surrounded by large fortifications built in the Eighty Years' War (1628), located on the Dutch-German border.

Nieuweschans was a separate municipality until 1990, when it became a part of Reiderland.[1] On January 1, 2010, Reiderland became a part of Oldambt.

Georges Simenon's The Crime of Inspector Maigret Maigret and the Hundred Gibbets starts in its train station.


Railway station: Nieuweschans


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Coordinates: 53°11′N 7°12′E / 53.183°N 7.200°E / 53.183; 7.200