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Nigel Eaton is an English hurdy-gurdy player. He originally played the piano and cello but switched to the hurdy-gurdy in 1981 when his father, Christopher Eaton, began making them. He performed as part of the band Blowzabella from 1985 and recorded five albums with them before their split in 1990. He was one half of Whirling Pope Joan with Julie Murphy and half of electro-folk duo Ancient Beatbox. He was part of a trio called The Duellists with Cliff Stapleton and Chris Walshaw. He released an album with the melodeon player Andy Cutting, Panic at the Cafe (1993). He has released two solo albums - The Music of the Hurdy-Gurdy (1987) and Pandemonium (2002) and has been featured on other recordings by artists including Jimmy Page and Robert Plant No Quarter Unledded and Loreena McKennitt. Blowzabella reformed in 1995 and Eaton performed with them until November 2004. He was replaced by Gregory Jolivet. Eaton's film work has included Robin Hood, The Shipping News, Kingdom of Heaven, Aliens, Mansfield Park and "Tulip Fever" Nigel Eaton is now a maker of built-in furniture in South London. More recently Nigel's tune "The Halsway Carol" and "Halsway Schottische" has attracted 168 versions and counting, see YouTube. He also played with Afro Celt Sound System, on the song Life Begin Again starring Robert Plant on vocals, Peter Gabriel is also featured on another song When you're Falling, on the same album, Volume Three : Further In Time.


  • Music of The Hurdy-Gurdy (1987)
  • Spin (1994) - Whirling Pope Joan, with Julie Murphy
  • No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded - Page and Plant (1994)
  • English Hurdy-Gurdy Music - The Duellists (1997)
  • Panic at the Cafe - with Andy Cutting (1993)
  • Les Saisons Amusantes - with the Palladian Ensemble (1997)
  • Volume Three : Further In Time with The Afro Celt Sound System (2001)
  • Pandemonium (2002)

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