Nigeria–Philippines relations

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Nigeria-Philippines relations
Map indicating locations of Nigeria and Philippines



Nigeria and the Philippines established there bilateral, diplomatic and trade relation in August 1962. Nigeria has an embassy in Manila and the Philippines has an embassy in Abuja.


Nigeria continues to be a hub for Overseas Filipinos primarily workers involved in the oil, gas and construction industry of the country. While Filipinos go to Nigeria for employment Nigerians go to the Philippines to pursue their higher education studies. [1] The Philippines previously imposed a deployment ban to Nigeria due to incidents of kidnappings of Filipino seafarers in the Niger Delta between 2006-2009 but has since been lifted after the Philippines recognized that the insurgency in the Delta has been properly addressed.

In 2012, the Nigerian Government rued the poor trade relations it had with the government of the Philippines. Thereby calling for more active steps to be taken by both countries to further strengthen and deepen their existing ties in necessary areas. Nigerian Foreign Minister Viola Onwuliri told an audience at the second edition of Nigeria-Philippines Joint Commission held in Abuja that in spite of the long standing relations between both countries, the economic and trade relations have been quite low.[2]


As of 2011, there were 7,240 Filipinos in Nigeria, mostly professionals and spouses of Nigerian nationals.[3]