Nigerien parliamentary election, 2011

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A parliamentary election was held in Niger on 31 January 2011, following President Mamadou Tandja's ouster in a military coup and the subsequent dissolution of the National Assembly in February 2010. A presidential election was held on the same day.


Following President Tandja's attempts to extend his mandate beyond 2009, on 18 February 2010 he was captured by soldiers who attacked his residence. Military leaders then created the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy, and announced that the constitution was suspended and state institutions, such as the National Assembly, would be dissolved. A committee was created to study a new constitution.

In the first week of June, elections were announced for 3 January 2011 by the national election commission.[1] Niger's National Transitional Council had previously announced December 26, 2010 as the election date for the first round and January 24, 2011 for the second round and municipal elections.[2]

The election was then postponed to 31 January 2011, together with presidential elections.[3]

The election took place peacefully as scheduled on January 31, 2011, with results released on 4 February 2011.[4]

e • d Summary of the 31 January 2011 National Assembly of Niger election results
Parties Votes % Seats
Nigerien Party for Democracy and Socialism (Parti Nigerien pour la Democratie et le Socialisme–Tarayya) 39
National Movement for the Development of Society (Mouvement National de la Societé de Développement–Nassara) 26
Nigerien Democratic Movement for an African Federation (Mouvement Démocratique Nigérien pour une Fédération Africaine–Lumana Africa) 23
Nigerien Alliance for Democracy and Progress (Alliance Nigérienne pour la Démocratie et le Progrès–Zaman Lahiya) 8
Rally for Democracy and Progress (Rassemblement pour la Démocratie et le Progrès–Jama'a) 7
Union for Democracy and the Republic (Union pour la Démocratie et la République–Tabbat) 6
Democratic and Social Convention (Convention Démocratique et Sociale–Rahama) 3
National Union of Independents (Union Nationale des Indépendants) 1
Total (turnout %) 113