Night Fright

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Night Fright
Night Fright FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by James A. Sullivan
Produced by Wallace Clyce Jr. (producer)
Written by Russ Marker (writer)
Starring See below
Music by Christopher Trussell
Cinematography Robert C. Jessup
Edited by Arthur Sullivan
Release dates November 1967
Running time 88 minutes
65 minutes (UK)
Country USA
Language English

Night Fright is a 1968 American science-fiction horror film directed by James A. Sullivan.

In the early 1980s, the film was re-titled in the United Kingdom for VHS release as E.T.N.: The Extraterrestrial Nastie, E.T.N.: The Extraterrestrial Nasty, The Extraterrestrial Nastie and The Extraterrestrial Nasty .

Plot summary[edit]

A Texas community is beset with a rash of mysterious killings involving some of the students from the local college. The sheriff investigating the deaths discovers the startling identity of the killer responsible for the murders. A NASA experiment involving cosmic rays has mutated an alligator into an ogre-like form and bullet-proof unstoppable killing machine with a thirst for blood.



The Soundtrack was played by Texas Garage Band The Wildcats from Houston, Texas. The band also played in another movie conducted by Chrisopher Trussell also filmed in 1967 entitled "FULFILLMENT Something Worth Remembering".

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