Night Huntress

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Night Huntress
Night Huntress 1 Halfway to the Grave.jpg
Cover for Halfway to the Grave, the first book in the series
Halfway to the Grave,
One Foot in the Grave,
At Grave's End,
Destined for an Early Grave,
This Side Of The Grave,
One Grave at a Time,
First Drop of Crimson,
Eternal Kiss of Darkness,
Once Burned,
Twice Tempted,
Up from the Grave
Author Jeaniene Frost
Country United States
Language English
Genre Urban fantasy, Paranormal romance
Publisher Avon
Media type Print (Paperback)

Night Huntress is a series of New York Times bestselling urban fantasy romance novels by author Jeaniene Frost.[1] The first novel was published in 2007 by Avon and takes place in a world where supernatural creatures exist but are not known to the general public at large. The series initially focused around the character of half-vampire Catherine "Cat" Crawfield and her full-vampire lover Bones, but eventually shifted focus to other characters such as Vlad Tepesh, a character that Frost had initially not planned to include.[2]

The original Night Huntress series was initially planned to span seven novels, with Frost later extending the length to nine books.[3]


Night Huntress[edit]

Due to her mother being raped by a vampire and getting pregnant, Catherine "Cat" Crawfield has spent her entire life being different from other humans. Her half-vampire nature allows her to pursue the full blooded vampires and lead them to their death, an activity that her mother fully endorses. Cat goes out almost every night in the hopes of finding and slaying her father, only to be captured by the vampiric bounty hunter Bones. After some initial reluctance on Cat's part, the two of them form a partnership to find and capture her father and eventually fall in love with one another. Their relationship is temporarily broken when Cat is forced to join with a secretive government agency devoted to hunting supernatural creatures, run by a man later revealed to be her uncle. Cat and Bones eventually reconcile, with Bones joining the agency to be near Cat. This reconciliation is later tested when Bones's precognitive grandsire Mencheres's wife Patra uses grave magic to try to kill Bones and Cat, forcing Cat and her friends to band together to kill her. Other plot points in the series involve Cat discovering that in the past Mencheres had wiped the memory of a controlling vampire she used to love from her mind in order to ensure that she would meet and fall in love with Bones and that she would fulfill her destiny as a powerful vampire. Cat does eventually become a vampire in order to ensure that she would be with Bones forever as well as to assuage growing fears in the ghoul population that she was not intending to become a ghoul-vampire hybrid with unprecedented powers. This backfires as she becomes not a regular vampire, but one that has an occasional heartbeat and can only drink the blood of other vampires, absorbing some of their powers in the process.

Night Huntress World[edit]

In First Drop of Crimson the book follows Spade and Cat's best friend Denise as she tries to find a way to search for Nathaniel, a long-lost relative of hers. Over a hundred years ago he sold his soul to a shape-shifting demon that has killed several of Denise's family members and has begun to forcibly transform Denise into a being like him. Despite wanting nothing more than to be rid of the supernatural world forever, Denise manages to not only persuade Spade to help her but also falls in love with him. They eventually find Nathaniel, who has been held captive and used as a prostitute and for his half-demon blood, which can be used as a narcotic. Denise and Spade manage to defeat the demon, but the process leaves Denise as a half-demon incapable of sustaining any permanent harm.

The book Eternal Kiss of Darkness follows Mencheres as he attempts to seek death in order to avoid a confrontation with the corrupt law guardian Radjedef, his uncle and old enemy. Kira comes across Mencheres during one of his attempts at death, only for him to have to rescue her from a pack of ghouls looking to dine on vampire blood. He ends up spending a week with her in an attempt to wipe her mind, which fails due to her having a natural immunity to vampire mind control. Mencheres deserts her, as he thinks that Kira needs a normal life, but Kira follows after him. A mixup with another vampires ends with Radjedef forcing Mencheres to turn Kira, which inflames his animosity towards Radjedef. Kira and Mencheres eventually set up a plan to expose Radjedef's corruption and put an end to the rivalry. The book ends with the death of Radjedef and with Kira and Mencheres remaining together.


Critical reception for Night Huntress has been predominantly positive, with Library Journal frequently praising the series.[4][5] RT Book Reviews has also given frequent praise for the novels, with Eternal Kiss of Darkness winning its 2010 Vampire Romance Award.[6] Publishers Weekly has mostly praised the series, but has stated that the "would-be witticisms [begin] to grate" in Once Burned.[7]


Cat and Bones/The Night Huntress series[edit]

  1. Halfway to the Grave (October 30, 2007, ISBN 0-06-124508-9)
  2. One Foot in the Grave (April 29, 2008, ISBN 0-06-124509-7)
  3. At Grave's End (December 30, 2008, ISBN 0-06-158307-3)
  4. Destined for an Early Grave (July 28, 2009, ISBN 0-06-158321-9)
  5. This Side Of The Grave, (February 22, 2011, ISBN 0-06-178318-8)
  6. One Grave at a Time (August 30, 2011, ISBN 0-06-178319-6)
  7. Up from the Grave (January 28th, 2014, ISBN 0062076116)

The Night Huntress World series[edit]

  1. First Drop of Crimson (February 9, 2010, ISBN 0-06-158322-7)
  2. Eternal Kiss of Darkness (July 27, 2010, ISBN 0-06-178316-1)

The Night Prince series[edit]

  1. Once Burned (June 26, 2012, ISBN 006178320X)
  2. Twice Tempted (March 2013)


  • The Bite Before Christmas (2011)

Reading order[edit]

  1. Halfway to the Grave
  2. One Foot in the Grave
  3. At Grave's End
  4. Destined for an Early Grave
  5. First Drop of Crimson
  6. Eternal Kiss of Darkness
  7. This Side Of The Grave
  8. One Grave at a Time
  9. Home for the Holidays (The Bite Before Christmas anthology)
  10. Once Burned
  11. Twice Tempted
  12. Up From the Grave


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