Night Is Day

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Night Is Day
Directed by Fraser Coull
Written by Fraser Coull
Starring Chris Summers
Kirsty Anderson
Silly Wee Films
Release date(s)
  • 22 February 2012 (2012-02-22) (Glasgow)
Country United Kingdom

Night Is Day is a 2012 independent feature film shot in Glasgow, Scotland. It follows the adventures of Jason Mackenzie (played by Chris Summers), a 20-something year old superpowered vigilante with the power of lightning and the gift of foresight. In Night Is Day, Jason has to fight both natural and supernatural villains, with the assistance of the police, to save Lena Dwyre (played by Kirsty Anderson), a medical student at university in Glasgow.

The film is set over three days, and was mostly filmed in Glasgow and Falkirk, Scotland on a microbudget. It was written and directed by Fraser Coull of Silly Wee Films,[1] and produced by GoldRay Productions, with support from FK One Productions and Artist Media Ltd. Night Is Day features a local cast, but also features special guest appearances from Elaine C. Smith, Colin McCredie, Simon Weir, Tiger Tim Stevens, and Lynne Hogan from Real Radio.


In modern day Glasgow demons, vampires and other supernatural creatures are real. Jason McKenzie is a loner with the ability to project lightening based energy from his hands who protects the citizens of Glasgow from petty criminals, gangsters and rogue demons. After a montage of fake news clips describing his recent heroism featuring eyewitness accounts from unbelievable pantomime stereotypes, Jason saves a girl from being raped while she's walking home from a nightclub in the middle of the afternoon. After burning the would be assailant horribly with his lightening attack once he no longer was a threat. We later find out that he's sad because he doesn't know how to say the word placate and thinks dimensional portal is pronounced "dimensional port-hole".

Sulky, a member of Strathclyde Police's F division (who appear to deal with supernatural crimes) is on a date with a woman he met online. Their dialogue can't be heard, but she seems to use her large breasts to manipulate Sulky into buying her a drink. While Sulky is at the bar the camera operator has an epileptic fit and an old woman who has been painted green emerges from a cloud of green dust in the middle of the "earthquake". She announces in gaelic that "it" will end in three days time.

Jason overhears two stupid slags talking about the incident, even though it's literally just happened. He then walks off while the focus puller turns the knob the wrong way.

Sulky's superior, Ann Yourism and his assistant, Woman are seen approaching an out of work actor dressed up as a policeman outside a warehouse. Ann Yourism insists nobody is to be let in or out of the nightclub. Later, in the nightclub the three F division members discuss the incident. JAson magically turns up in the middle of the conversation and they all come to the conclusion that this might have something to do with a guy called Mr Phillips. Both Jason and the F division people decide something.

Jason leaves the nightclub and suddenly it's magically day outside. He bumps into Lena, a medical student and has a vision of her being attacked in a park. He follows her. Lena is convinced that Jason is a stalker and runs away. She is suddenly then attacked by two men in jeans and hooded sweaters who have had their faces painted red. Jason fights them off but gets stabbed in the leg in the process. Lena takes him back to her flat but forgets to pick up the medical books she dropped at the start of the demon encounter. Oh well. I guess someone else took them.

While all this is going on Ann Yourism, Woman and Sulky are driving home. They encounter one of the scavenger demons who slashes Ann's arm. Sulky shoots the Scavenger Demon who takes about 1.2 seconds to react to the gun shot and then pretends to die, unconvincingly. Ann calls someone and requests a "division F clean up". He then proceeds to hang up the phone without saying where they are, so I guess he phones them again off screen and let's them know that the incident occurred in kelvingrove park. In this sequence Woman says that "it's been a rough night" so I guess that means that it's [dawn] and therefore Lena was coming home from university in the middle of the night. Oh well. Whatever.

Some hooded sweater jean men meet up with the old Gaelic woman in the woods. Lena helps repair Jason's leg. It is revealed that Woman's mother is actually comedienne Elaine C Smith. This element of the story goes literally nowhere. It is unclear why this was included in the film.

At a made up children's health facility...or something...we are introduced to Mr Phillips during a press conference celebrating his financing of the new made up children's hospital. Even though he is known to the police as a scary gangster and a high functioning autistic, the public seems to think he's a nice philanthropist, except one reporter who confronts him. Division F turn up to question him about the nightclub earthquake. Conveniently there is a police interrogation room in the children's hospital, but the interrogation is interrupted by Police Boss, who shuts it down for no reason. Police boss doesn't believe demons and monsters exist, even though F division seems to have been specifically created to deal with demons and monsters. Oh well, whatever.

The newly released mr philips meets with an enforcer of his, Frank, who is a massive wanker. He instructs him to get an audience with the green woman from earlier.

Jason meets with some vampire woman in a room with some paintings in it and requests her help to do something. He offers her money, which she knocks out of his hand onto the floor. She agrees to help him but they both leave without picking up the money. Lena meets her friend and they eat sandwiches.

In a police lab division F discover that the demons knife is old. Oh yeah the demons have knives. The knives are thousands of years old even though they've just been made last year.

Jason and Vampire have a fight with Frank during which Vampire mostly watches.

Other stuff happens, Jason's uncle turns up even though he has no family. Some woman kills herself to kill all the demons and suddenly everyone magically knows that they're called scavenger demons even though they don't scavenge anything and at the end it turns out that they were made purely to courier Lena to the green woman. Sadly at this point some middle aged woman used a magic setting on a cattle prod that caused it to blow up a warehouse and kill them all. Mr Phillips said she's the best hand-to-hand fighter in the world but she seems to be a middle aged woman suicide bomber who's always sitting down. I don't know. It's stupid.


Oh yeah Vampire died.

The whole thing is so stupid and nothing makes any sense at all. There's a funny shot of a lion statue that goes on for 9 whole seconds.

I paid £3.99 for this.

I'm so angry.


  • Chris Summers as Jason Mackenzie
  • Kirsty Anderson as Lena Dwyre
  • Catriona Joss as The Caillech Bheur
  • John Gaffney as Superintendent Sloan
  • Tam Toye as Mr Philips
  • Steven McEwan as DCI Iain Mullan
  • Mark Harvey as Frank Stone
  • Clare Sheppard as Inspector Munro
  • Simon Weir as CS Carlisle
  • Nicki Fleming as Lexi
  • Colin McCredie as Taylor
  • Alexandra MacKenzie as Miss Jones
  • Kenny Boyle as PC Douglas
  • Dave Wills as Alex MacKenzie
  • Elaine C. Smith as Mrs Munro
  • Anna Walseth as Caitlyn
  • Liz Strange as Angel
  • Kelly Love as Gwen
  • Vharri Lavery as Sara
  • Tiger Tim Stevens as Dr Ferguson
  • Eli Ghafouri as Dr Anila
  • Rachel Loughran as Mandy
  • Roman Kermani as Lucas
  • Ilaria Nardini as Young Party Girl
  • Kevin William McIntyre as the attacker
  • Lynne Hogan as a reporter
  • Gary Grugan as Eric
  • Adam Dzierek as Mr Thomson
  • Jen Dempster as Woman number 1
  • Christine Wren as Woman number 2
  • Iain Innes as Charlie
  • Mandy Edgar as Erica
  • Sean Anderson, Crawford Young, Sean Clancy and John G McCall as Scavenger Demons [2]


Night Is Day was shot in Summer 2010 over weekends between June and August in Scotland as a microbudget film. The budget has been raised through character sponsorship and crowd funding, as well as selling merchandise and business sponsorships.[3] The film was shot on the Sony-EX3 in Full HD. It is currently in post-production,[4] with editing complete and special effects, sound, music and grading commencing. The film has a view to being completed for 2011.[5]


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