Night Life (film)

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Night Life
Directed by David Acomba
Produced by Charles Lippincott
Written by Keith Critchlow
Starring Scott Grimes
John Astin
Cheryl Pollak
Anthony Geary
Alan Blumenfield
Kenneth Ian Davis
Darcy DeMoss
Lisa Fuller
Mark Pellegrino
Phil Proctor
Music by Roger Bourland
Cinematography Roger Tonry
Edited by Michael John Bateman
Release dates May 1989 (Cannes Film Market)
Running time 89 min
Language English
Budget Unknown

Night Life is a 1989 zombie film starring Scott Grimes, John Astin, and Cheryl Pollak. It centers around a high school nerd named Archie Melville who is harassed from beyond the grave by the zombie corpses of his former high school bullies (recently deceased) after they are brought back to life by a freak lightning storm.

The film was very slapstick in tone, and may be seen as a sort of parody of genre.

Also under the name Grave Misdemeanors.

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