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Night Walk was the first in a short but frequently-repeated series of late-night television programs aired on Global in Ontario from 1986 to 1993.

Night Walk was basically a first-person view of a walk through the streets of Toronto during the late-night hours, including the sights and sounds of the scenery, accompanied by jazz music. It featured films taken from the vantage point of a person walking through the PATH, city streets and different buildings.

Despite having a seven-year run on Global, only one episode of Night Walk was produced, and was repeated nightly during late-night hours (generally 3AM to 5AM) as a subsititute for a test pattern. However, it would later be supplemented by similar programs such as Night Ride, featuring film of Toronto's streets and highways from the viewpoint of a person driving late at night; and Night Moves, which aired scenes of Toronto nightlife.

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