Night of the Seagulls

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Night of the Seagulls
Original Spanish poster
Directed by Amando de Ossorio
Produced by José Ángel Santos
Written by Amando de Ossorio
Starring Víctor Petit,
María Kosti
Music by Antón García Abril
Cinematography Francisco Sánchez
Edited by Pedro del Rey
Distributed by Blue Underground
Release dates
  • 26 July 1976 (1976-07-26)
Running time 98 min
Country Spain
Language Spanish

Night of the Seagulls (La Noche de las gaviotas; UK video title: Don't Go Out at Night) (1975) is a Spanish horror film written and directed by Amando de Ossorio. This film also inspired a song by the New York City Oi band The Templars, and a song by UK doom metal band Cathedral.

The film is the fourth and final in Ossorio's Blind Dead series.


The film starts in medieval times, when a young couple is attacked by templar knights. The man is instantly killed, the woman is carried away to the templar's castle where she is sacrificed.

The story then continues in the 20th century. A doctor and his wife are moving into a very primitive coast town, where they are met with distrust and hatred from the locals. It does not take long before the doctor and his wife find out that the town harbors an ancient evil: Every seven years undead templars will ride from the sea for seven consecutive nights to demand the sacrifice of a young maiden. The doctor and his wife then try to save one of the maidens, Lucy from her horrible fate, aided by the local village idiot.

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