Nik Wheeler

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Nik Wheeler
Born 1939
Nationality British
Occupation Photographer
Spouse(s) Pamela Bellwood (1984-present)

Nik Wheeler (1939- ) is a British-born photographer, known for taking what for years was the only known photograph of Carlos the Jackal.[1] He began his career as a photojournalist during the Vietnam War.

Wheeler was born in Hitchin, England in 1939. He was a war photographer for United Press International in Vietnam, and he photographed the fall of Saigon for Newsweek. Wheeler had moved to Beirut, Lebanon in the early 1970s and freelanced throughout the Middle East for a number of European magazines. He is the co-founder of Traveler’s Companion Guides, based in California.[2][3]

Wheeler is married to actress Pamela Bellwood.


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