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Blazers 2012 version

The Nike Blazer is a basketball sneaker first made in 1973 by Nike and first worn by George "The Iceman" Gervin. However, it is no longer marketed as a basketball sneaker, it is now considered a retro/casual sneaker.[1] Basketball aside, when the 80s skateboard craze hit full swing Nike’s Blazer became the must have shoe for any skateboarder, a trainer highly valued for its rugged design and sturdy grip. Once again the youthful eye was upon this thriving scene, and pro skaters were heavily abusing Nike Blazers across the world. More recently, following the launch of Nike Skateboarding;[2] the Blazer SB has been retooled to meet the toughest demands of today's skater. "Featuring a mid-top design for support and comfort, combined with a vulcanized rubber outsole for the ultimate boardfeel and grip, the Blazer SB from Nike SB is the true definition of skate." The Blazer was modified with extra padding, double stitching and more durable materials to meet the high wear skateboarding shoes are designed to endure. Nike Blazers come in high- Mid-Top and Low-tops.