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Nikko Radio Control
Industry R/C Cars
Founded 1958[1]

Nikko R/C (styled NIKKO R/C) is the largest toy-grade radio control manufacturer in the world. The company's licenses include those from Hummer, Ford, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, The Fast and the Furious as well as proprietary designs. All of the company's products are radio controlled; none are remotely controlled via a wire.

An early Nikko design was the F10 series frame buggy, a two-wheel-drive dune buggy and sold both by Nikko as well as by RadioShack. There were many versions of the Nikko F10.

It also served as the basis for the Traxxas Cat. Refined with hobby-grade electronics including an electronic speed control and a revised front end with a wider track, the Cat became Traxxas' - and the industry's - first ready-to-run hobby-grade model.

Nikko America[edit]

The US distribution arm for Nikko toys and models and, as of 2006, is that country's sole distributor for Erector Sets, the longest-running brand in the US toy business. Ownership of Erector remains with British manufacturer Meccano.

Nikko has a reputation for the high quality and durability of its cars.[citation needed] They also maintain a spare parts support department with a toll-free support number and free shipping of replacement parts.

A subdivision of Nikko is Nikko TEC, which can be described as a special vehicles division. Currently the only TEC division product being sold is the ProClass series of cars. The series consists of F1 cars, upgradeable 1/14 scale cars, and 1/10 cars that are almost hobby quality. Older TEC division vehicles included:

  • Thor-type trucks: Large 1/10 4wd trucks powered by 7.2v batteries and twin 380 motors, with working headlights. Most had Toyota Hilux-based bodies.
  • Porsche 959 racers: 1/10 2wd road racer/rally car with working lights, two sets of tires, 7.2v power and 540 motor on a chassis that appears to be an early version of the ProClass cars. Most common is the version in black with licensced racing decals, the gold chrome version without decals is extremely rare.
  • Hilux/Unimog Winch: A wide series of 1/10-1/16 vehicles with working winches, detailed bodies, and 4WD, various features on different models such as working headlights, 2wd/4wd switch, two gears, horn, and even some of the above functions operated by the transmitter.
  • Alienator/Aero Thunderbolt: 2wd buggies based on the earlier F10 series buggies, 7.2v/540 and solidly built. The Predator was a related model but was modernized with poorer quality parts and several other disappointing changes.
  • F10 series Frame Buggies: Mentioned above, arguably the most used design ever in R/C. 7.2v/540, digital proportional.
  • Super Sprint/Dandy Dash: Highly advanced racing buggies with oil shocks, belt drive 4wd, dual differentials, and lexan bodies. The Super Sprint was the competition model with alloy shock bodies, front and rear anti-roll bars, an adjustable Torque Splitter, and other features. The Super Sprint also featured a mod motor called the UP240SE. These were built to show that Nikko could produce high quality racing vehicles also. A special Brat upgrade kit from the UP (Unlimited Performance) Works division turned the Dash/Sprint into a lean and mean racing machine. The Brat was even raced in the 1989 1/10 electric off road World Championship held in Australia, finishing respectably in the middle of a field of more than 100 cars.

Nikko Audio[edit]

Division of Nikko Electric Works focused on electric and communications equipment, as well as hi-fi audio gear, noted for its affordability. This division was established in 1948 and closed in the early '90s.[2] [3]