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Nikkorex F with NIKKOR-S Auto 1:2 f=5cm lens

The Nikon Nikkorex series were low-cost, fixed-lens, 35 mm film, single-lens reflex cameras produced by the Japanese optical manufacturer Nippon Kogaku K.K. (now Nikon Corporation). They were designed and marketed as low-cost, feature-reduced versions of Nikon's flagship F SLR. Whereas the F was aimed at professionals and serious amateurs, the Nikkorex series were designed to bring the advantages of through-the-lens viewing to consumers who were not interested in the flexibility (and cost) of the F system.


Nikkorex 35[edit]

The Nikkorex 35 was the first model of the Nikkorex series, produced in 1960. Several key differences between the F model and the Nikkorex model helped keep the price low: the Nikkorex incorporated a selenium-cell meter mounted behind a honeycomb lens on the front of the camera rather than through-the-lens metering (as in the Nikon Photomic prism) and used a leaf shutter rather than the more expensive focal-plane shutter found in the Nikon F and similar higher-end SLRs. The Citizen MVL shutter had speeds from 1 second to 1/500th second that were set by a ring on the lens, rather than by the more conventional method of a dial on the top of the body of the camera. The ISO (film speed) was also set by a nontraditional lens ring. The lens itself was a fixed four-element Nikkor-Q 50mm f/2.5, the limited nature of which was somewhat supplemented by two screw-on accessory lenses, a 35mm wide-angle and a 90mm telephoto, both f/5.6.

Nikkorex 35 II[edit]

The Nikkorex 35 II was a 1962 revision to the Nikkorex which addressed the unreliability of certain elements of the original design. The Citizen shutter was replaced with a more reliable Seikosha SLV shutter assembly, and the corners of the body were rounded to give a more comfortable grip. The name "NIKKOREX" was also printed on the front of the meter lens.

Nikkorex F[edit]

Was an F-mount, removable lens Nikkorex, although its body was completely different from any other Nikkorex.

Nikkorex ZOOM 35[edit]

Nikkorex Auto 35[edit]