Nikola Mandić

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Nikola Mandić
Nikola Mandić.JPG
Prime Minister of the Independent State of Croatia
In office
2 September 1943 – 8 May 1945
Poglavnik Ante Pavelić
Preceded by Office established
Succeeded by Office abolished
Personal details
Born (1869-01-20)20 January 1869
Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria-Hungary
Died 7 June 1945(1945-06-07) (aged 76)
Zagreb, FS Croatia, DF Yugoslavia
Nationality Croat
Political party Croat People's Union
Croatian Popular Party
Alma mater University of Vienna
Occupation Politician
Profession Lawyer
Religion Roman Catholic

Nikola Mandić (20 January 1869 – 7 June 1945), was a Croatian politician who served as a Prime Minister of the Independent State of Croatia and as president of the Croat People's Union, a major Bosnian Croat political party in the Austrian-Hungarian Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Mandić was born in what was then Ottoman Bosnia and Herzegovina in Travnik in 1869 (the county soon came into the hands of the Austrian Empire). Mandić finished gymnasium in Sarajevo. He later doctored in law at Vienna in 1894. In 1907 he helped found, and became president of, the Croat People's Union (Hrvatska narodna zajednica), a political party representing Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina's Regional Parliament. He was elected to the parliament in 1910 and became its president in 1912. From 1914 Mandić took on the role of assistant to the nation's regional governor, originally Oskar Potiorek, later a fellow Croat, Stefan Sarkotić.

After 1918 Bosnia and Herzegovina became a part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. Mandić was elected into its Constitutional Assembly in 1920 under the Croatian People's Party (Hrvatska pučka stranka).

His final political acts came in the late stages of his life. The Independent State of Croatia was proclaimed in 1941 and included all of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He had little involvement with the regime until September 2, 1943 when he was named president of the government of the Independent State of Croatia. He held this position until the state's collapse in 1945. In the late stages of World War II as Croatian forces retreated towards Austria, Mandić, along with other members of the government, were taken captive by the British. The British handed Mandić over to the Yugoslav authorities which tried and executed the then 76-year-old Mandić.