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Nikola Trifunovic is an engineer of Geophysics and a member of the Serbian Academy of Innovation Sciences. For over than 20 years, Nikola is researching and analyzing the Earth's magnetic fields and their influence on human health. His knowledge is applied in disease prevention related to the malformation of cells and cancer, in biological processes such as the healthy growth of plants and animals and conservation of ecosystems. Malformation of cells, cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases manifest themselves in contact with EMF (Earth’s Magnetic Fields) of high intensity or variable intensity which affect the space where people live.

Equipped with a proton magnetometer, a device for measuring the terrestrial magnetic radiation, Nikola moves through designated areas by measuring the intensity and direction of magnetic fields.

It's Nikola’s discovery some 14 years ago, that magnetic fields of the earth with high intensity are ideal for tumor cells, that gave him grounds to publish over 30 scientific articles that western medicine has not formally accepted, but has not refuted. His therapy, a way to health, is to distribute the furniture to the most suitable places while maintaining the design balance and comfort of homes interiors. It means watching TV, resting on the sofa or sleeping, and yet with no risk to your well being. To go to the fridge one may have to go to the terrace furthest from the kitchen, however the health benefits are the highest. In this “home cleansing" and with new furniture distribution, home place is full of the purest health.

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