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Nikolay (Nikolai) M. Pavlov-Pianov (Pjanov, Pyanov) (Russian: Николай Павлов-Пьянов) was a Russian chess master.

Before World War I, he tied for 5–6th place at Moscow 1911 (Ossip Bernstein won), and shared 1st prize with Alexey Selezniev at Moscow 1913.[1]

After the October Revolution, he finished 3rd in Moscow City Chess Championship in 1919/20 (Alexander Alekhine won),[2] won at Moscow 1920,[3] drew a mini match with Alekhine at Moscow 1920 (+1−1 =0),[4] tied for 11–12th place at Moscow 1920 (the 1st USSR Chess Championship, Alekhine won),[5] took 2nd position, behind Nikolai Grigoriev, at Moscow 1921,[6] tied for 12–13th at Moscow 1925 (Sergeev won),[7] tied for 15–16th at Moscow 1926 (Abram Rabinovich won),[8] shared 2nd, behind Zubarev, at Moscow 1927,[9] shared 10th at Moscow 1927 (the 5th USSR-ch, Fedor Bogatyrchuk and Peter Romanovsky won),[10] and finished 9th at Odessa 1929 (the 6th USSR-ch, quarter final).[11]


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