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Nikolay Rastorguyev with Vladimir Putin, February 22, 2007

Nikolay Vyacheslavovich Rastorguyev (Russian: Николай Вячеславович Расторгуев; born February 21, 1957, Bykovo, Moscow Oblast, Soviet Union) is the lead singer of the Russian group Lyube.

In 1978, Nikolay was the soloist for the band (VIA in Russian) "Шестеро молодых," but his first note came during his 1980-1985 stint in the band "Лейся, песня (in English, Lyeysya, Pyesnya)." There he befriended Valery Kipelov, who later to from Aria. After Leysya Pesnya split, Rastorguyev spent a year in the band Rondo before joining newly formed Lyube. Since then, Nikolay remains the band's only permanent member.

He has also starred in a couple of movies and released a solo English language album.

In 1997, Rastorguyev was given the honorary title People's Artist of Russia. On the occasion of his 50th birthday, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded Nikolay with the state order "For Merit to the Fatherland," Fourth class, and became a member of the Russian Duma in 2010.[1]


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