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Nil is a word commonly used to mean nothing or zero; it is one of several names for the number 0.

Nil may also refer to:

Given names[edit]


  • Lon Nil (born 1970), brother of Cambodian Prime Minister Lon Nol
  • Maxi Nil (born 1981), Greek singer,


  • Nil, Iran, a village in Kurdistan Province, Iran



  • Nanoimprint lithography (NIL), a method of fabricating nanometer scale patterns
  • Nil: A Land Beyond Belief is a 2005 graphic novel
  • Nil (cigarette), a brand of cigarette which is sold in Austria, Czech Republic and Germany produced by the Gallaher Group, a subsidiary of Japan Tobacco
  • Nil ideal, a mathematical concept in ring theory
  • North Island Line, a proposed extension railway of Hong Kong
  • Jednostka Wojskowa Nil - Polish commando unit, part of The Polish Special Forces (Wojska Specjalne)
  • NIL, an implementation of the Lisp programming language
  • NIL, when filling out forms lines that has no content can be marked with NIL (nothing in line), letting people know you haven't missed out any lines.

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