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Nilus the Sandman was a Canadian part-animated and part-live action television series that originally aired on 1996 on the Family Channel (now Family). The series was produced by Western International Communications (WIC).

The show features a sandman, Nilus (voiced by Long John Baldry), who helps children and teenagers through their dreams while they are asleep, with the dream stories being animated. The parts at the beginning and the end of the series are shot in live action in Vancouver, British Columbia. 26 episode


"Nilus" helps children with day to day difficulties through helping them achieve happier night-dreams. While the children sleep he sneaks in and brings out of a pocket a powder which flicks to the air and leads the children into their animated night-dream, The children are first surprised with their new animated avatar-self and start a journey discovering Nilus's friendly acquaintances - an Oyster", a Bogeyman and Nilus's own camel. those beings help him during his mission.

World Spread[edit]

In the United Kingdom

The show featured on BBC One 

In Israel

The Show featured on 
"הטלויזיה החינוכית" (The educational television)
-under the name "נילוס איש החלומות" (Nilus the man of dreams)