Nimpkish River

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Nimpkish River
The Nimpkish River below Nimpkish Lake
Origin Mount Alston
50°01′04″N 126°14′07″W / 50.0177°N 126.2352°W / 50.0177; -126.2352 (Nimpkish River, source)
Mouth Broughton Strait
50°33′59″N 126°58′55″W / 50.56639°N 126.98194°W / 50.56639; -126.98194 (Nimpkish River, mouth)Coordinates: 50°33′59″N 126°58′55″W / 50.56639°N 126.98194°W / 50.56639; -126.98194 (Nimpkish River, mouth)
Location Northern Vancouver Island
Length 118.1 km (73.4 mi)
Source elevation 1,415 m (4,642 ft)
Mouth elevation 0 m (0 ft)

The Nimpkish River is a river in northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It is the longest river on the Island, rising on the west slope of Mount Alston, flowing northwest into Nimpkish Lake and then north into the Broughton Strait[1] at a point 8 km east of Port McNeill, just southwest of the town of Alert Bay on Cormorant Island.

Name origin[edit]

"Nimpkish" is an anglicization of the Kwak'wala name for the people of this area, the 'Namgis.